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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now passport in few Simple Steps

Now passport in 4 Simple Steps:

1) Registration at: per the website this is a pilot project in Bengaluru and Chandigarh area. Ant this facility will be available all over India soon. I still don't know the exact status of this. Because during the registration it asks for passport office and it has a list of all offices over India.
Anyway complete the process of registration and select the service from left column (apply for new, reissue, etc). You will get 2 options: download eform and fill up online.
For eform you can download the editable PDF form and update it. Generate an XML file (the button or links in the form does it). Then you can upload the generated XML file.
Complete the form in all aspect.

Then submit the form. Hey, your application is submitted!

2) Take appointmentGo to your home page and select the submitted application. Then click on "manage appointment" link below that. Here you need to search for available slot for appointment. In my case I got an appointment about a month later.
As an additional step you can scan the documents and upload them online.
Also print application receipt. This is very very important.

3) Visit your your nearest PSK on appointment date
a) Visit preparations
i) take printout of your online receipt (clicking on Print Application Receipt)
ii) take printout of your submitted form
iii) make a note of your ARN (application reference number) and application ID
iv) take all supporting documents (original and 2 photocopies). You can get the list of acceptable documents at document adviser link at Marriage certificate in case you register your spouse's name in the passport.
v) Take enough cash amount with you. They only accept cash. You can get information from Fee Calculator link
vi) Put a reminder if you need and finalize the route to go to passport office.

b) During visit. (Please be on time)i) At the entrance the security guys will check you and your baggage
ii) Go to the counter after you enter (I hope the structure is same everywhere in India). Get a token from them. The queue number or token number is dependent on your application submission. So its not like first come first serve basis. They will also ask you to show document at this counter, but it is just to verify that you have come with proper docs.
iii) Then you need to enter a waiting lounge where you can see the display of ongoing tokens at various counters. A TCS employee will help you find (or call you) a vacant counter for your application processing. The staff is quite polite and helping. There is a snacks & photocopy counter at this lounge. So even if you forgot to take photocopies, you can do it here.
iv) When they call you number,
You will first go to 'A' counter. Here a TCS employee will check all your documents, prepare a file of your photocopies & application. Representative checks all original documents. Representative will also show and ask your if all data is correct or not. You can verify data on the display facing your seat. Representative will take your photo with some system integrated camera. They even ask you if the photo is proper or not.
'B' counter: Here a government official will scan through all your original documents and check them in the system (uploaded in earlier step).
Third and last round is at 'C' counter: Here again a government officer will check your passport (in case of reissue) or the complete file in case of fresh application. Existing passport will be stamped as 'canceled'.
You are done!
Don't forget to collect your exit receipt from one of the counters. There is a separate counter for this. Here you need to surrender your token and get the exit receipt.
After this, you will be able to see your application data online.

4) Police verificationYou will get a call for police verification within 5 days and they will ask you to come to police station you mentioned in the application. Usually corruption starts at this point onwards. After verifying the documents (age proof, address proof, 2 photos), they ask you some fees politely. This is not actually any fees but a bribe.
You may register your story at
You may also record all proceedings if feasible and expose them.

Ideally police verification takes up to 3 weeks. Till that time you can keep checking online status and if required call call-center for Passport Seva Kendra.
After getting a clearance from Police department, passport office will dispatch your passport. Usually as per the information from Passport office. You should get the passport within one month. Some of my friends have got the passport with 10-15 days.
You should get an intimation on your phone and email id.
You can track status of your application online, using link
As per information from my friends, the post office person will also ask for money! Again a bribe!

Some tips:
- The parking is just behind the PSK office. 10 Rs per hour for 4 wheeler. You can enter the office premises from the parking space directly.
- Bangalore outer ring road PSK has HDFC bank in same premises and ICICI nearby.
- Bangalore outer ring road PSK is near to Hyundai showroom (nearly opposite to Intel office).
- While coming from Marathalli try to enter the service road (on right hand side) near Nokia office.
- While coming from Belandur junction enter the service road (on left hand side) as soon as possible.

Renewal of passport for minor
- Follow the online application procedure.
- Upload required documents & pay the fees online (if you prefer so).
- Take the appointment.
- On appointment day you just need to carry (original and photocopies)
-- application confirmation / acknowledgement
-- applicant and parents' passports
-- address proof (if it is changed)
-- annexture H on plain paper
You may get help from document adviser from the website.

Police verification is not needed. I got the passport (minor passport renewal) in 3 working days.
(You don't need to carry the application form, photo)