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Monday, September 07, 2009

Vishwa Shaanti Aashram (near Nelamangala, Bangalore)

This place is About 27 km from Bangalore and just before Nelamangala. We wanted to go out some place on weekend but there was nothing in Bangalore remaining to see :)

So I scrambled through my 51 gateways book around Bangalore and found this place. We thought it might be crowded on weekend.
before starting i just searched this place on google earth for the route information.

we started around 11:20 am on Sunday 6th Sep 2009.
we went to Sai Baba temple in Cambridge layout. We were fortunate enough to reach there just before Aarti at 12pm. After this Mandir closes.

we traveled through malleshwaram, metro, tumkur road NH4

there is flyover (?) construction going on from Yeshwantpur onwards. I needed to get some help about this place. So we stopped by shell petrol pump on left side. The attendants guided me with smile to this place. From this petrol pump it is about 8km.
You will get traffic jams near T Dasarahalli and further. This road is quite abuzz with the trucks and containers for interstate goods transportation.

we took halt at New Agarwal Bhavan. nice vegetarian restaurant on left side. They have a dine-in and another section for fast food like snacks, sweets.
Due to recent H1N1 problem or not the handwash liquid was the best quality. it wasn't like the one you get in any *.saagar restaurant, watery. i liked :)

Ok i know what you are thinking. We had Harabhara kabab, Paneer Tikka, Tomato Soup, Malasa Papad, Aloo muter, kaju masala & roti. we were all full... needed some rest. this restaurant seemed quite new. my father asked the waiter about it. he told that its about 9 months old. this place is very well maintained and has lot of flowering plants and lawn. obviously you can't play/rest on it :)

From here the Aashram is about 3-4 km ahead.
we asked again at Hotel holiday palms for directions. and the Aashram is about few meters from this Hotel holiday palms. Its on left side of the road.

Actual location of the place: 13 degrees 04' 49"N, 77 degrees 24' 55" E. You can check it on Google Earth.

Parking at the entrance and it has a small barricade. Car parking 15 rupees.

On left side of the entrance is one temple which has Ganapati, Ram, Dattatray, Vitthal, Navgraha templets (i coined this term just now).

After walking inside for 200 meters you get to the 'shoe stand'. Remove your foot-wears here. The person charges 1 rupee per pair.

There is a Durga temple ahead on your right.

Take entrance tickets 2 rupees per person, still camera 20 rupees, video camera 40 rupees.
there is a big black statue of Vitthal. and beneath are small statues of Vitthal - Rukhmini.

Ashta lakshmi - 4 on right & 4 on left.

Another entrance barricade. Now you are in the big open space with a pathway going on your left side. Welcoming you are 7 rivers personified statues. Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Sindhu, Saraswati.

And on your left will see a pathway leading to a big monument of Geetopadesh. Arjun and Krishna on Rath (chariot).

Staircase below the chariot leads you to the Vishwarup Darshan statue.

There are 7 pillars around this which has 7 Rishis carved on them - Saptarshi.
Below this is another temple of Gayatri.

And of course you can play with your children in the park. Its big enough with lots of playful things for the children. You will also see many couples sitting in the cozy corners ;)

Overall the Aashram calm & looked to be well maintained.

We started our journey back around 4:50 pm. Again traffic jams at the same places await you :)