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Thursday, February 04, 2010

My encounters with RTO

I already had 2 wheeler license from Amravati Maharashtra.
i transferred my 2 wheeler from Amravati. and paid taxes. that was easy. PUC, RC book, license. ~2500 tax. so no problem of driving anywhere in bangalore now. you don't need any agent for this. its quite simple.

1) take recent puc, rc book, tax, your bike, license, insurance.
2) take the form from the front help desk. its in Kannada. fill it with someone's help.
3) go to room no 8 on top floor in BDA complex. non-transport treasury (?) section.
4) pay the taxes (2 wheeler ~ 2500, 4 wheeler ~ 20-25 K depending on model/year) and you will get 2 duplicate receipts.
thats all :)

Point in question: there were other people who told me that now they also ask for NOC.
** Also get NOC from Maharashtra **

Always carry your tax receipts with you.
Other documents are: RC Book / Tax receipt / Karnataka Tax receipt / Insurance / Emission test certificate / Valid Licencse.

4 wheeler license :
I wanted to do this by directly approaching the department and not through the agents. For learning license I had to transfer (reissue) my license from my native (Amravati, Maharashtra) to RTO Bangalore. Change of address required. It needs some valid address proof like ration card or voters id card. i had neither. So I took affidavit from a notary (on MG road court office). It cost me 200. Submitted the form in February'09. I had to wait for about 2 months time to get the address changes done. As the license needs to be checked for originality, it is sent back to my native's RTO office and returned. And it really takes 2 months. they don't entertain your request for status check before the given date.

Applied for permanent license. I did my driving lessons through some driving school for 10 hours. on weekends i did 2 hours daily. it was quite quick for me. In the 3rd-4th hour itself I was quite confident. for the last class he explained me about the internals of the car.
Application for the license.
Got the date for driving test. i also asked friends for feedback.
On that day, i had come around 10 am. registered for the test vehicle around 11am and submitted the documents. Test did not start until 8-10 people registered including 2 wheelers. test was around 1:30pm in the residential area around RTO. Inspector asked me to do reverse driving, stopping in between the road, hand signals, speed limit. he also observed my behavior & courtesy towards pedestrians. then back to the RTO office. he asked me some signals from the chart. i couldn't identify one. i think it was for "speed limit over".

i passed the test. he asked me to collect the license next day. i reached there but my form was misplaced. i was shuffling between the 2 departments of RTO. the officer asked me to come on coming Monday as one of the person who had forms was on leave. I went there on Monday and my form was there with correct department. I collected it and submitted to the RTO officer. he was telling other person to re-submit it or bring the inspector. i couldn't understand it completely as it was in kannada. then the other person convinced the officer that the form was misplaced. he signed and then i submitted it to a lady who enter database in computer. then submitted it with form no 7 to room 3. the lady signed and then i gave it to computer department who prints the license.

And this is the way i got my license in the month of June' 09 :)

Thanks to all the people who helped me.
I didn't need to bribe anyone in the RTO office.