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Sunday, September 25, 2016

10k by Chance?! (Sunfeast Open 10km Run)

I love walking. Although i try to do it whenever possible. I have gained a lot of weight in last 3-4 years :)
This line doesn't have much relation to the title of this blog. :D
When the Sunfeast 10k run event was launched for this year, i thought that i should participate in this event. i was confident that i can complete 10k but the unknown factor was the timing.

So I had to collect all the information related to long run: regarding diet, training schedule, medical information, etc. This was my first take at 10k run.
I started some training and this was running in the HAL 3rd stage park. I didn't know the length of the track in the park. I used to run about 8 rounds in that park. I used to do it in about 10-12 minutes. I thought the track length is about 500 mt.
So my
estimated timing for 10k was 30 minutes.

But later i tried to measure it on google earth. it was roughly 250 mt. I also realized from the last year's 10k run timings (on sunfeast10k website) that i was among the top 5-10 runners. Wow. So my estimation about the timing and stamina ran for a toss. :) hahaha.

Ok. Not a problem. My aim was to complete the run and not achieve any performance about timing. For last 1 week i didn't go for practive. i didn't have any latest estimate
 time. but from my earlier runs it would have been around > 60mins. I wanted to do a final rehearsal for 10 km. 2-3 days before the final day i tried to make a route around Indira Nagar which can measure 10km. But in vain. I even didn't do this. All those things didn't make me nervous. I was determined to complete the run on the day come what may.

On the eve of event day (doesn't it sound like some big event in itself:D ) i started doing some planning. it was a saturday so i had enough time for myself. it was said that i should have carbohydrate diet for last few days, which means rice, wheat. so i bought a dosa/idli batter and had some dosas and for the dinner some dal and rice. i marked the alarm for 4:30 am.

Prachi woke me up in the morning (had i written this in Marathi it would have been "Mi jhakTit uthalo":D hahaha ). The day dawned! I was so excited. i got ready by 5:40 and had a nice breakfast of Upma and packed 2 bananas for the snacks before run. i wanted to go early to the venue so that i can catch all the happenings there. i wore simple clothes white shirt (Bandi) and my bermuda. it was quite comfortable. i don't like tight fitting clothes for exercise. i put the running number bib on the front and started off with my dear old "Yamaha Crux R".

It was a pleasant morning just around the sunrise time. Very few people on the road. i was already feeling the 'one in many' with the running bib number on chest. I saw many police and traffic police on the way. i reached Kanteerava stadium around 6:30. now i had to search for parking (the age old problem in Bangalore). Frankly, none of the police pesonnels were quite aware about the parking situation. They were guiding us to UB city, which had parking at 'nominal' fees (not a nominal for people like me:D ). There were many parking hoardings on the way and around the stadium, but they were all for cars. While searching for 2 wheeler parking I literally made a round to UB city from Vitthal Malya road-Richmond circle-UB city. When i was about to reach UB city Lavelle road offered me free parking :) I walked towards the stadium. On the way I saw that some others are also facing the same problem. So i guided one of them to same parking place. At the east entrace of the stadium there were directions for various entry gates. I headed
 towards my Open 10k gate (without timing chip).
 Timing chip
 can be used to detect the timings required by the runner for total and lap runs. This chip needs to be attached to your shows and it keeps sending some radio signals. It was available for open 10k and world 10k runners for a payment of 200 rupees. I didn't take it. And knew that with this decision i wouldn't be able to get official timings from the event organizers. It didn't matter much to me. I would know what I have achieved.

There were World 10k runners on the track warming up. I was watching the LED screen showing CNBC TV18. Ohhh ... I wasn't aware that there will be a live telecast of the event on CNBC TV18. I requested one of the participant for his mobile phone, and told Prachi about this info
. Thanks to that guy who helped me :) The World 10K started and those were all professionals participatants. I was sure from earlier records that someone from Ethiopia or Kenya will win the race (it proved correct later). Then wheelchair race started off. They were all smiling and showing andrenaline rush. I was waiting for my turn to come. I did some warmup. It was around 7:55 so everybody was anxious to get on the running track and start off as soon as possible. Open 10k participants with timing chip had a preference to start the race. Although participants with and without timing chip were separated, some started going to 'with timing chip' area. Even I sneaked into that area just to go to the track earlier. Everybody had to go through that small opening in the barricade. (I don't know whether this is a standard practice.) People were rushing towards the opening. The scene was like water gushing out of the cracked pipeline. Some even jumped over the barricade to come on race track.

I didn't realize that the race started as i was busy making my way to the track. And around 8:15 i was on the race track. The route was Kanteerava stadium - Kasturba Road - We all came out of the stadium and then on the Kasturba road. There were many people outside

lined along the road to cheer up all the participants. This was very nice. You feel a sense of being special.

I would like to share one more nice incident or person from the run. When I had crossed around 6-7 km there was this Sardar walking along me. He kept on saying "come one more mile now". He was cheering everybody near him.

The 8th mile was near Vidhan Soudha and 9th mile was in the cubbon park. Cubbon park is really a nice place to walk. Greenery everywhere.

I participated in Sunfeast Open 10k Run in Bangalore on 31st May 2009.
I completed the run in about 65 minutes. Started around 8:15am and back to finish line around 9:20am.
Wrote this blog on 1 June 2009 but somehow didn't post. Laziness :D


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